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Fuss-free period care without the waste.
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Water Dispersible

UpFlow™ Barrier

100% Flushable

Zero Microplastics


By switching, together we have saved:


There is currently no sustainable route of disposal for period products. Switching to Planera cuts your carbon footprint in half.

198 kgCO2e

greenhouse gas emissions


30% of period products are flushed - but none are flushable until we came along.By switching to Planera, we can stop Microplastics pollution once and for all.

238 kg

microplastic from waterways


The market-leading brand contains up to 90% plastic. We don't want this in our underwear or polluting our planet.

5877 bags

worth of plastic

Landfill Waste

This is where the majority of period waste ends up - and where it will stay for up to 500 years. Flushing means no more landfills.

264 kg

period waste from landfill

Why should I switch?

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Hear why our community found love at first flush

  • 5.0

    It just makes sense to make pads flushable. I don't need to deal with dirty bins anymore.

    -Chloe, 28-

  • 5.0

    As a busy Mum, these flushable pads are such a game-changer! I don't have to trade off sustainability for convenience.

    -Mary, 35-

  • 5.0

    The comfort and all round convenience makes it the perfect addition to my period care.

    -Margaux, 30-





Can I flush the wrapper and peel papers?

The wrappers and peel papers are made of the same material as our pads. Therefore they are fully water-dispersible and also biodegradable. You can flush one pad, one wrapper and three peel papers in one flush.

How much blood do they absorb?

Our pads have been tested for 24 hours in the lab, using 8ml of blood. An average 5 day period is estimated at 20-35ml of blood (whilst a heavy flow is more like 40-80ml), so our pads provide good protection for a medium flow. We don’t recommend wearing a pad for 24 hours, this is just for our testing protocol!

What are Planera pads made of?

Our pads are made of just 3 materials: plant fibres, our unique biopolymer upflow(™) barrier and tree sap. Head over to our “Shop” page to learn more about what we use and what we don’t use in our pads.

Is your pad safe for oceans and aquatic life?

Planera pads contain zero microplastics, therefore, they will never pollute waterways or harm aquatic life. When flushed, the pad breaks down into 3mm plant fibres and is broken down by the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria at the sewage centre before regenerating into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser.

Surely binning a pad is always better?

Sadly, product life doesn’t end in the bin! After binning, your local council will either send the contents of your bin to landfill, or it will be incinerated (and neither are good news for the environment). Once binned, we lose control of where the pad ends up. If it gets sent to landfill, we cannot guarantee the right environment for it to biodegrade. Incineration produces harmful greenhouse gases.

Flushable pads give you back the control of where it ends up. Once flushed, the pads will biodegrade into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser at your local water treatment centre.

Are these suitable for people with sensitive skin?

We are working with a vegan accredited testing lab to ensure that all of our products are suitable for sensitive skin. We will have the vaginal and skin sensitivity report by our launch in November 2022.

All materials that touch your skin are made from natural plant fibres with no added bleach, no harmful chemicals or artificial materials. Our products are also free from microplastics (including thermo-plastic glue), and the feedback from product testers has been very positive, with less rashes and itching reported.

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