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Where do period products really end up?

  • Water Dispersible
  • Flushable
  • Biodegradable
  • Zero Microplastics
  • UpFlow™ Barrier
  • 56%


    Disposal of single use menstrual products generates 200,000 tonnes of waste in the UK every year. The majority of this ends up in landfill sites where they can take up to 500 years to degrade.



    In just one year in the UK, 30% of period products are flushed. This generates 3.4 tonnes of microplastic. Figures from the Marine Conservation Society also reveal that 4.8 pieces of menstrual waste are found on average per 100m of beach in the UK.



    In the UK, 14% of period waste is burnt in incinerators - this is the second dirtiest form of energy (second only to coal). Burning our waste creates greenhouse gas emissions which are responsible for climate change.

    By switching, together we have saved:


    There is currently no sustainable route of disposal for period products. Switching to Planera cuts your carbon footprint in half.

    198 kgCO2e

    greenhouse gas emissions


    30% of period products are flushed - but none are flushable until we came along.By switching to Planera, we can stop Microplastics pollution once and for all.

    238 kg

    microplastic from oceans


    The market-leading brand contains up to 90% plastic. We don't want this in our underwear or polluting our planet.

    5877 bags

    worth of plastic

    Landfill Waste

    This is where the majority of period waste ends up - and where it will stay for up to 500 years. Flushing means no more landfills.

    264 kg

    period waste from landfill

    Hear why our community found love at first flush

    • 5.0

      The comfort and all round convenience of Planera pads makes them the perfect add-on to my cup at home and on the go.

      -Margaux, 29-

    • 5.0

      It just makes sense to make pads flushable. I don't need to deal with dirty bins anymore.

      -Chloe, 28-

    • 5.0

      10/10 for comfort. Super soft and comfortable - I forgot I was wearing a pad.

      -Mary, 33-