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PRE-ORDER Flushable Period Pads

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  • A table comparing Planera flushable pads to the market-leading brand. Planera is overall better in terms of convenience, lifetime, microplastic content and greenhouse gas emissions.

PRE-ORDER Flushable Period Pads

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Delivery January '23

Please note that this is a pre-order and will be delivered in January 2023.


100% WRC Certified Flushable
0% Microplastics
0% Period Pollution
50% Less CO2 Emissions
No More Dirty Bins
Tested by over 1,500 Community Members

Directions For Use

1. Remove wing paper and backing papers and press firmly to underwear.

2. Wear as you would a normal pad. For high activity days, we recommend changing your pad more regularly or after activity.

3. Place pad in the toilet and flush. The wrapper and release papers are also 100% flushable. Your pad will start to degrade before you've even finished washing your hands!

How Does It Work?

Our flushable pad has been designed to be absorbent, but also flushable - a little bit like magic!

The plant fibre topsheet wicks away blood and traps it in the super absorbent and fully biodegradable core. It has been tested in the lab using 8ml of blood (a medium flow) for up to 24 hours.

The pad needs to be completely submerged in water to start breaking down. This combined with the hydraulic action of the toilet flush pulls apart the layers of the pad. Within minutes the pad will start breaking down into 3mm plant fibres, as it makes its way to your local water treatment centre (along with toilet roll). It will then be processed into clean water, fertiliser and renewable energy.

Made of just
3 materials

Designed to be both absorbent and flushable, whilst respecting you and the planet.


Tree Sap (adhesive)

We use a non-toxic, water dispersible adhesive on the wings and bottom of the pad. This sticks the pad to your underwear to keep it in place. All other pads on the market use a thermo-plastic glue. We favour tree sap as it's better for you, and for the environment.

Biopolymer UpFlow™ Barrier (absorbent core)

The high absorbency comes from our biodegradable polymer core. It quickly absorbs blood and locks it in the core. It is 100% biodegradable and can be safely flushed.

Plant Fibres (topsheet)

Our super-soft topsheet is made from plant fibres - it is highly breathable and soft on your skin.


You will never see fragrance included in our products. Fragrance poses a high risk of irritation, and we don't believe it should ever be in period products.

Dyes & Pigments

Unlike the market-leader, we never include dyes or pigments in our pads. We only include materials that are essential to the performance of the product. Pigments and dyes are used purely for design elements.

Hot Melt Adhesive

Other brands use this to hold the layers of their pad together, and to stick it to your underwear. Sadly this is essentially plastic. It's not something we will ever put in our pads. It takes over 500 years to degrade away.

Titanium Dioxide

The market-leader states that this is used to "make materials opaque". It has no place in our pads as appearance is not essential to performance.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that's usually derived from petroleum. Other brands use this for absroption, but it is not biodegradable and can shed toxic microfibres into the environment.


Whilst cotton is a natural resource, the sourcing and production of cotton can be both environmentally destructive and often unethical. Cotton production uses vasts amount of water and casues soil degradation. We use tree fibres instead of cotton.

By switching, together we have saved:


Our reusable products result in emissions savings as the emissions needed to produce products are avoided.

198 kgCO2e

greenhouse gas emissions


30% of period products are flushed - but none are flushable until we came along. By switching to Planera, we can stop Microplastics pollution once and for all.

238 kg

microplastic from waterways


The market-leading brand contains up to 90% plastic. We don't want this in our underwear or polluting our planet.

5877 bags

worth of plastic

Landfill Waste

This is where the majority of period waste ends up - and where it will stay for up to 500 years. Flushing means no more landfills.

264 tonnes

period waste from landfill





Where are Planera pads made?

Our pads are currently manufactured at our site in East London. As we scale up for launch, our production will temporarily move to Italy. However in 2023, we will move production back to the UK to minimise the amount of unecessary transport.

How are you absorbent and flushable?

Simply put, a toilet flush is 9 litres. The average 5-day period is 100ml. The pad needs to be soaked in water and really swirled around to break it down, conditions you’re not likely to find outside of a toilet bowl.

Where can I flush a Planera pad?

We are currently certified flushable in the UK. Our materials are still fully biodegradable & water-dispersible anywhere in the world.

Are you biodegradable?

Yes we are 100% biodegradable. We are also completely microplastic free.

Is flushing better than binning?

Flushing a Planera pad guarantees that the product will disappear in 30 days due to the treatment at the water centre. If you bin any product, there is no guarantee if it ends up in landfill or gets incinerated!
We therefore recommend flushing over binning, wherever possible.

Are your pads safe for oceans and marine life?

Planera pads contain zero microplastics, therefore, they will never pollute waterways or harm aquatic life. When flushed, the pad breaks down into 3mm plant fibres and is broken down by the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria at the sewage centre before regenerating into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser.

Are your pads suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

Yes, our pads are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. We also have never and will never test on animals (only humans test our products!)

How long should I wear my pad for?

We recommend wearing for up to 8 hours, or changing more regularly if you have been exercising.

How can I become a product tester?

We are always looking for people to join our product testing community - LaunchPad. If you'd like to get involved, please sign up on the LaunchPad page.

How absorbent are Planera pads?

Planera’s day pads are best suited to a medium flow. Our patented UpFlow(™) technology works by absorbing the blood from the top of the pad, and trapping it in the core where the barrier protects you. Our pads have been tested for up to 24 hours in the lab, using 8ml of blood.

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