We're here to free our planet from permanent waste.

Planera is a material technology company created to pioneer multi-purpose technologies with the aim of freeing our planet from permanent waste.

We pioneer technologies that make disposables truly disposable.

Planera was founded to create maximum positive impact by innovating everyday consumer products. In focusing on technologies with multiple, wide-ranging applications, we can strive for the greatest impact to protect the planet and people, whilst rewriting the speed of innovation.

Introducing Flushtec®

Flushtec® is our micro-plastic free technology that enables all our products to be 100% flushable, leaving zero waste. Flushtec® materials and processes create products that are truly water dispersible. This technology is currently found in Fluus period pads, but will in the future be used to create innovative new products that will transform new consumer product categories

Our brands

Using Flushtec®, we launched the world's first fully flushable period pad.